Ongoing support and consultations for employers

Employment relations

consultations on all stages of employment relations, including recruiting new employees, employment contracts, consultations on issues that arise over the course of employment relations and termination of employment.

Collective employment relations

collective negotiations, consultations on employment relations, labor disputes and strikes.

Reorganization, cutbacks and transactions (from the labor law perspective)

supporting employers through complex processes related to changes in their organizations, including purchasing, merging, re-organization, cutbacks and more. We help employers integrate these changes in the context of employment relations within the company, and in their interaction with external entities such as government ministries, when necessary.

Termination of employment

guiding and assisting employers through collective and individual employment termination processes, hearings, drafting retirement agreements for senior officers, and protecting the employer's rights and property after termination of employment.

Equality laws

consultation on implementing laws related to promoting equality in the workplace (preventing discrimination based on gender, medical condition, military reserve duty, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, political views, place of residence, sexual identity, etc.) among employees and employment candidates, in employment relations, while recruiting new employees, and upon termination of employment.

Protecting commercial confidentiality and occupational restrictions

consultations related to occupational freedom, protecting the employer's property and commercial confidentiality, drafting agreements, terminating employment relations, managing legal proceedings related to occupational freedom and protecting corporative property in accordance with the most up-to-date legislation.

Negotiations, contracts and agreements

Negotiations and agreements

supporting negotiations on employment related-issues and while drafting agreements, including employment agreements, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, protecting intellectual property, retirement agreements, termination of employment, collective-bargaining agreements and more.

Correspondence with service, human-resource and outsourcing contractors

consultations on correspondence with contractors who are external to the organization for provision of various services, including service contractors, human resource agencies, placement agencies, external freelance contractors, etc., and drafting agreements that fully comply with the law.

Consultations on legal proceedings and interaction with government ministries

Applications for permits from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Interior

We handle applications for permits from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Interior, including special permits from the supervisor of employment relations in the Ministry of Economy, permits to work beyond regular work hours, permits from the supervisor of employment of women in the Ministry of Economy, work permits for foreign consultants from the Ministry of Interior, etc.

Administrative and criminal proceedings

We represent employers in administrative legal proceedings against enforcement authorities; provide consultations and legal representation for our clients on issues related to monetary action and administrative warnings; and represent employers and company officers in criminal litigations filed in labor courts.

Representation in court, arbitration, and parity committees

representation in district labor courts and in the national labor court in Jerusalem, representation in arbitration processes and parity committees

Class action on labor-related legal issues

the firm specializes in consultation and representation for employers in labor courts when class action is filed against the employer.

Collective bargaining negotiation, including first-time collective organization

Initial collective organization and negotiations

our firm has vast experience with representation and guidance for clients during collective bargaining negotiations at the initial stages, before drafting the first collective bargaining agreement, and later-stage negotiations on collective agreements. We provide consultations and support during the initial employee-organizational stage on proper rules of conduct.